Friday, 17 May 2013

Tea Light Gift Card Tutorial

Good Evening everyone.
This is my first post on behalf of a group I am a DT member for on Facebook called 'The Friendly Crafters'.
I have been tasked with making a tutorial for an A5 Tea Light Gift Card. This is my adaption on a tutorial I found a few years ago HERE. I made this one and decided I wanted it bigger so changed the sizes and came up with the A5 size that holds 12 tea light candles instead of just 6 in the original.
This will be a long post with lots of pictures, but if you have any questions about this project then do feel free to contact me either on facebook or via my e-mail

Tools needed:
1 sheet of A3 card 
1 sheet of A4
3 sheets of A4
scoring board or ruler and pencil
backing papers

Step 1A
I originally made this from 3 pieces of A4 card stock so that you didn't need any specialist sized card but if you have A3 then you can use that and you will need to trim it down to 8.2 inch tall by 13 inch wide.
You will need to score at 6" then again at 7" this makes you 'card' (you will need to skip to step 2 to continue)

Step 1B
If you are making this from A4 card however, you will need to do the following
 Cut 2 pieces of cardstock to 7" wide and leave the height (should measure 8.2 standard A4 card, do not discard the pieces you have trimmed off we will use it later on)
Score at 6" on both pieces, as shown above
Now you will need to attach these 2 pieces of card together to make your 'card' base. see above picture, you need to glue the 2, 1" flaps together.

Step 2
Now we move onto the box again you will need 1 sheet of A4. Cut it to 10.2" wide leaving the height (8.2")
  • You will then need to score on the shortest side (longest side butted up against your score board) and score at 7/8" then again at 1 6/8" turn paper 180 degrees so the score line you have just done are now on your right and score at 5/8" and then at 1 3/8" 
  • Now score along the longest side at 7/8" and 1 6/8" flip the card 180 degrees and score at 7/8" and again at 1 6/8" - should look like below pic

Step 3
 Now you need to trim the edges to create the box shape I have shaded the areas in the below pic so you can see where to cut

  Once you have cut the shaded areas off it should look like the below pic

Step 4

 You will need to then attach all your backing papers so that its completely covered for when you start to assemble your box.
Use a nestie or anything you have to create an aperture on the front of your box then attach acetate to create the window - as shown below

Step 5
Once you acetate is in place you can assemble your box, you will notice there is no back to it.

using one of the pieces of card we cut off our card base earlier we will create a 'back' for our box. You will need to trim it down so that it fits the back of the box (this does not have to be exact so just do it by eye)

Once you have your card trimmed down then add glue along the 2 sides and the bottom and slide into the back of the box as shown.  
A trick I learnt after making a mistake with this is you will need to attach ribbon around your box so that it holds the flap at the top closed keeping your candles safely inside. Do this before you stick it down to the card base. It just means the recipient can access the box easily without having to rip it open and ruin the card in the process.

Step 6

 Now its time to decorate your gift card.
You can decorate your card anyway you like I have made these for xmas gifts, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter and New Baby.
 I create a pocket on the inside of the card with a tag so that you can write on the tag but it is entirely up to you how you finish off your very own creation, have fun with it.

  If you wish to add ribbon to fasten the gift card as I have then please remember to stick your ribbon down before you stick any backing paper on (believe me I found that out the hard way more than once lol)  

Rather than bombard you with any more photo's I have created a link so you can view more finished examples HERE.

I hope this is clear and I would love to see your very own take on this. Remember the box doesn't only have to hold candles so have a play about and do come and share your creations with us over on our Facebook group 'The Friendly Crafters'



  1. how beautiful hun wow i love this

  2. Great tutorial Marie, thanks very much hon xx

  3. Great tutorial Marie, love the finished result the papers and cute teddy is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

    Linda xxx

  4. Oww this is gorjuss hun perfict gift. xx

  5. I have looked at this a few times now. And guess what its still amazing. Love it. Xxxxx

  6. wow , I love this idea, I hope you dont mind but I am going to make a few of these thanks for a great share... Super big hugs~ Larelle-Susanne ( nurselarelle on yt)