Sunday, 14 August 2011

New jars for my paper roses

Evening, I said I would show you my new jars to keep my Paper roses in so here they are.

They are from asda and cost me £3 and I just love them. Ive added the ribbon just to finish them off. Id made loads of these roses so needed somewhere to put them. I have been making more in other colours today to fill more jars as I just love how they look on my 'spare' craft desk.
Bargain I reckon.
Off to visit some more blogs now.
Marie xx


  1. What a great idea and they look so pretty too. xx

  2. A great way of storing your paper flowers! I love the way you have co-ordinated the ribbons to match the colours of your flowers. :) X X

  3. Fab idea! I've got mine in baskets but need something better so you've given a good idea. Thanks for that! Zo x

  4. Wow - they look so pretty in jars - and finished off with a lovely ribbon! I have some similar jars from IKEA filled with all my different coloured ribbons. They used to look lovely on top of my cupboard - kind of decorative but then I've got so much other stuff, they're now a bit lost on there, not so decorative now lol...

    Wait until you've got them in other colours too - they'll just look so pretty.

    Paula x x x